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Shayvonne C. Jenkins is a Self-Published Author, Publisher, Creative, Speaker, Entrepreneur and newly licensed Chaplain born and raised in Harlem, New York City. After self-publishing her first Business and Luxury Lifestyle Magazine "The Couture LifeStyle" which hit selected newsstands in Bergen County, New Jersey, and New York City  City back in 2013, she was taken over by an overwhelming feeling and desire to tell a particular story. "I had my own idea of how this particular story should have gone, but God had an entirely different story or should I say, stories that were to be told. Honestly, I was long overdue to write a book, something that was in my spirit for as long as I could remember. Here I was, this little brown girl growing up in Harlem River Projects who had always dreamt of writing and being this successful author too. You see, influence can come in many forms but the visual that a reader receives through a good book has always been one of my all-time favorites, besides watching a good movie. Anyway, after a life of doing things my way and hitting rock bottom through poor choices, decisions and what I thought was the best way to get to the top. I finally surrendered and due to God's grace, mercy and guidance, I started writing books that were relatable enough to touch every level, genre, and classification. I am Shayvonne Christina Jenkins and I got some stories I would like to tell you."


"Now, could you imagine finding out that your purpose was bigger than you or better yet, that you even possessed such purpose? Well, I will be the first to admit that the answer for me used to be no but as we are well aware, things are always subject to change and with that being said mines had changed more than I could have ever imagined. Let me give you a look-see. I started out in promotions/nightlife entertainment, first as an assistant to a known basketball coach, then I became my own boss producing high-end events at some of the most known nightlife establishments and for many years one would have thought I found my calling. I loved what I did. Fast forward some time, trials, circumstances, tests, mistakes, what seemed to be defeated, jail time, losing it all, being homeless and then just like that God showed up or should I say He finally caught my full attention. That attention changed not only my life but my mindset and how I now view life. A Harlem Girl who became one of God's Leading Ladies with one heck of a story to tell. I've learned that sometimes circumstances are allowed to happen not to break us but to strengthen us as we go through the process so that we can lead others through successfully too."


"My story begins by telling my story, empowering along the way and continuing my journey in being the woman that God created me to be. From Illegal to Legal, to successfully working full-time for God and writing my way to victory, my crossover is way real. And so, I Am Shayvonne C. Jenkins and Yes, I got some stories to tell you."


Known now for her spiritual works of faith, Shayvonne C. Jenkins is telling that story by creating faith-based storylines and characters along with faith-based self-help books to inspire the reader and yet, still entertain. Jenkins's writing career can be characterized by one single mission and purpose: to empower, uplift and inspire. To make the reader believe in miracles again. To let the reader know the possibilities are endless and that even in a world of social media, it is still the norm to grab a book, unwind and allow the story to take you on a wonderful adventure. Most importantly, to remind the reader that anything is possible when you believe, listen and follow through with God.


Shayvonne's newest project titled "Confessions of A Woman of God" where she is the Writer, Creator, & Producer, of a TV/Film real-life podcast series which currently holds a 5 Star rating on both Itunes & Stitcher Podcast which is also currently on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor and all other major listening platforms. She is currently working on some new writing material and projects, slated to be released later this year and is already geared up for the coming 2020 New Year.


Shayvonne is a full-time writer, creative, and entrepreneur with a savvy business background in Public Relations and Business Administration who is also the Founder & CEO of such businesses such as The Couture Lifestyle Entertainment which is a full-service entertainment company housing a talent agency, music, media, tv, film, publishing, and other business activities, The Couture Lifestyle Agency which is a consulting firm, The Couture Lifestyle Magazine which is a business and luxury lifestyle publication,  and The New Literary It Girl which is her writing blog. Shayvonne also holds a Cryptocurrency financial license, a load of certifications such as Media & Public Relations, Corporate & Public Speaking, Creating Personal Success, Internet Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing, Publishing, and her new Chaplain title became real on the 13th of July when she officially was sworn in as a licensed Chaplain.


Adding value, creating a lasting legacy, building generational wealth and being such the Kingdom woman that it will not only inspire and impact her own family but the world at large. She likes to call it becoming that "Good Thing" in reference to one of her fav the biblical scriptures Proverbs 18:22 "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord".


Shayvonne lives in Bergen County, New Jersey with her son Justice Jenkins who is also the owner of their publishing company "11Seventeen Publishing." 


The literary scene has just opened up and Shayvonne C. Jenkins has some compelling, intriguing, captivating, empowering, inspirational and amazing stories to tell you.

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