Would You Believe

-That I am honored, humbled, thankful and grateful to be finally doing what I always dreamt of doing since a child.

-That as far as being an author is concerned, it wasn't until I surrendered my life over to God that I began fulfilling my purpose in writing.

-That my first self-published book, "The Poetic Memoirs of An Incarcerated Black Princess has no numbered pages nor a heading. The reason is because I didn't know how to add them at the time but that wasn't my concern. My concern was getting freedom across a blank canvas to be heard throughout every prison cell whether man or woman, mentally or physically incarcerated. So, it's creatively raw.

-"The Grace of The Anointed Publicist" my first spiritual novel is inspired by true events. So, yes that high-speed chase actually happened.

-In the 5th grade is when I entered my first reading contest. "Rumpelstiltskin" was the chosen book, which I'd remembered word for word and won the contest.

That was the spark to my literary start.

-My first quote book "Couture Your Life: 61 Days

was completed in two days.

-That I wanted another term to describe a short story, so I decided to use "A Just Because Moment". So, whenever you see that on the cover of one of my books know it's a short story packed with a powerful message to inspire, uplift and empower.

-That your author is also a publicist who owns a public relations company called The Couture Lifestyle Agency, which also happens to be the same company that created this site. Now, you would guess that being a writer turned author that your new literary It girl would be too busy to design this website but oh no for now she is all hands on utilizing all of her creative abilities even designing her own www.shayvonnecjenkins.com Author's Website.

-That I fell in love with the characters: Christina Laurant and Mattan Styles. Their love for God and the love that they shared for one another from my first novel The Grace of The Anointed Publicist is more than just a fairytale but can also be anyone's reality.

-That I am an only child that had an enormous imagination. I also loved and still love fairy tales, rainbows, the movies, dancing and watching

Friday Night videos

which I owe all to my grandmother.

-I was raised in Harlem, New York City in Harlem River Houses on the uptown side and went to the first Catholic School with a black father, his name was Father Lucas.

-My first storyteller was Mrs. Janie Louis Jackson-Jenkins, my beloved grandmother who, would you believe was born in 1917. The best storyteller to date. I still wonder to date did she know that I would turn out to be a successful author.

-I have a thing for Jenson Interceptor's, which was one of my father's cars that he owed back in the 70's in green.

-That 11 Seventeen Publishing is named after my son's birthday which is owned by him.

-I love, I mean, really really love farina lol.

-That before every speaking engagement that I do, I grow as an individual and after my speaking I heal the small parts of my past by sharing and encouraging others.

-That throughout my creative writing process are headphones in ear while vibing to the quiet stillness allowing my soul to speak in magnitude of limitless volume.

-It's official. I am Google verified as an Author! "Google Me Baby"

  -My love for business has awarded me to be licensed in Cryptocurrency. I repeat,  I am Licensed in CRYPTOCURRENCY!

-I was taking a shower when God gave me the idea to create the tv & podcast series "Confessions of A Woman Of God".

 - With much honor and gratefulness, I am proud to say I am now a licensed Chaplain. For who God called he also qualified!!!

- That I made it to Nasdaq, like totally got invited for a Fintech private event in NASDAQ!!!!! 

Well, looks like the end of this 2020 year brings in all sots of championships and trophy's for indeed I am now a Marathon Runner. Completing 26.42 miles to receive my finishers medal for

The 2020 TCS Virtual Marathon.

I have officially registered my first of many TV Series  Treatment  titled "God, I'm Chasing A Bag" with the

Writers Guild East Coast.

I am gearing up for my 2nd medal run for The United Airlines NYC Half this month. "What's better than one medal than two medals!!

That before I make a move I inquire with God first for He never leads me wrong!

I have officially registered my second TV Series  Treatment  titled "Confessions of A Woman Of God" with the

Writers Guild East Coast.

That this year's birthday which was  February 26, was my "Rebirth" year! For honestly with though I have accomplished much, let's just say God had to lead me the long way around the mountain but, this is the year  where God has released me to do All things He created me for ! So, get ready you about to witness greatness at its finest and on purpose!

I am so proud to announce that I am re-launching my print and online publication

"The Couture LifeStyle Magazine" after 8 years.

That I did my first of many more to come live interview taping at the Bryant Park Hotel and literally the locale was not planned but orchestrated by God's divine led. 

That it's really just God and I creating all of this, from website designs, to books formats, businesses to owning my IP, to all the graphic designs, everything. I can proudly, boldly and

victoriously say

God gets all the glory!!!

Well, it is official , I just registered my third Treatment  titled "The Council of Godly Women" with the

Writers Guild East Coast!!! Now it's time to begin production.

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